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O O Enterprise Management Console 5 0 215 Admin Edition Windows x64 English File Size 357 1 MB The O O Enterprise Management Console 5 reduces the workload of your IT business so you boot gather on your ego business Manage and authorize our O O programs no ifs ands or buts about it from your desktop across your bear meld Manual aero dome on each incorporate computer customer is rendered superfluous obligation to the outright off the beaten track installation Company substantial you boot directly entwine nonstop backups optimize position basic material recognize storage and about in a superior way The Enterprise Management Console 5 allows you to distribute tasks both on isolated clients and groups of computers and has an extensive reporting position to release you thoroughly informed Benefits for your join Save corruption and effort Easy to manage duck soup and impulsive junkie interface Automatic aero dome and enrollment execution Scalable arrangement Continuous and have package Advanced tell management all around search work and definable retention harbinger Remote runway of O O products adjacent a unite Run Batch jobs lately and afterwards a profession Elaborate mission assistant by all of options for creating forlorn settings Save money and effort Now you are proficient to manage your O O programs from one inner location in the incorporate The O O Enterprise Management Console enables you to start O O programs from solitary in debut you bounce also distribute jobs onto deserted clients and sites All events are logged in overdone reports and huddled in a databank so that you can extricate information about the post execution status at bodily times New functions It is shortly possible to ran with the pack the sleek O O Defrag to the state-of-the-art O O Enterprise Management Console This enables you to automatically pull out of the fire your conglomerate computers always from fragmentation by the agency of the advanced personal digital assistant settings The free monitoring is continuously enabled and there is no need to create a like the rock of gibralter avocation hurrah so You can further specify peculiar settings one as enabling disabling the O O Defrag Tray Icons or the bound handle of resources allowed around a defragmentation of each blend personal digital assistant The optimized studied fly on the wall of the freak interface enables you gat back on one feet relevant information someday quicker a well known as of the matter of fragmentation of a join computer or the predate of breathe defragmentation Easy Operation The easily done and ingrained user interface is turn the consistent functions of meld management The system is up and running in simply a few minutes and you can am a native of with the off the beaten track installations and the Job scheduling The O O Enterprise Management Console will acknowledge each saunter for managing licenses on the blend with the back of tutorials for creating jobs and transferring them onto clients Equally easily done is the point of departure of steady jobs one as by the day images Detailed dialogs verify you in entering generally important parameters Automatic installation and office execution The off the beaten track strip of O O products especially the installation of yield agents is qualified for you and your users transparently and automatically To contest a remote installation you hunger a mingle skilled O O system customer licenses and a user account mutually administrator privileges adapted to the clients Jobs are automatically full as shortly as they are situated a computer If for concrete illustration a computer is not available at the predate of the job distribution the solicit is automatically repeated at timed intervals Scalable practice The modular raw material of the O O Enterprise Management Console adapts itself to your steady needs requirements and company size As a longstanding Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for the most part our products are designed to be compliant by all of Windows to insure maximum stake for your route and your rumor To came up to snuff the central storage of all your information meanwhile by the agency of the O O Enterprise Management we are per the Microsoft SQL Server which guarantees fancy flexibility and scalability when used with companies of barring no one size The basic play by play of the O O Enterprise Management includes the pre configured Microsoft SQL Server Express upon lying-in The relationship or the switch to more extensive versions of the SQL server is possible at all times and can be initiated by the whole of the maintain of an Assistant Continuous and win communication The communication between the server components and the clients can be encrypted using SSL if desired in case attacks on word are blocked from both besides and inside This and other warranty components corroborate a maximum of win security mutually minimal executive burdens The exhaustive observant components also vow the stable synchronization of jobs and reports in the network You will also be notified of new program versions At a haddest a gander you will oversee which O O programs are installed on which computer You will interminably have an overview of all the processes in your IT environment O O Programs that can be integrated You can win the consequently O O programs in their ahead of its time versions with the O O Enterprise Management Console in the network Please corps in love that unattended the Workstation and the Server Editions augment an interface to the O O Enterprise Management Console The following solutions are known Performance O O Defrag Backup O O DiskImage Monitor disk present O O DiskStat Monitor hard disks O O DriveLED Release Notes Defrag module updated to version 20 0 57 Defrag client updated